Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why do liberals love Islam?

Have you noticed how after each and every Islamic outrage in the world, the left are so quick in which point out that Islam isn't to blame? That actually Islam is a religion of peace.

This week, Muslims decided to murder around 100 people in Yemen. The left say Islam is a religion of peace.

In the UK, there is a running court case of parents of a young Muslim girl who was murdered by them because she offended them. The left tell me Islam is a religion of peace.

Another court case in the UK revolves around how a bunch of Allah's finest decided to kidnap off the streets of Sheffield a lad of 14 and demanded his parent stump up £40,000 or they would chop off his head.

In Lebanon, Shia Muslim pilgrims have been kidnapped by their so called Sunni brothers.

In Iraq, another bunch of Lebanese pilgrims paid the price of following a gay death cult when some idiot decided to detonate a car bomb as they drove past.

After each and every 'Islamic' dominated outrage, the left go out of their way in which to exonerate how following the ways of pedophile warlord had any impact on the story at hand.

Which is why the left have remained silent on how a doctor who helped locate the worst terrorist the world has ever seen was jailed for 30 years by Pakistan, because he exposed how bin Laden was living right in the middle of Pakistan, defended by the Pakistani military.