Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is Iran behind the spate of scientist murders within its borders?

(Tehran) A number of fatal attacks on scientists inside Iran got the left looking towards Israel as the mastermind behind them. Iran, as per usual, used the opportunity to cry 'Havoc' and issue death threats.

11 days ago, Iran claimed it had stretched the neck of the man found, arrested and convicted in a court of Sharia law of being behind the killing on the 12th of January 2010 of Iranian scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi.

However, Arab news network Al-Arabiya has revealed how the government behind the killings in Iran wasn't the Israelis, neither was it the Americans or even the British. In fact, according to Al-Arabiya, the people behind the killings were none other than the mad mullahs in Iran. I quote:
Iran used Fashi as a scapegoat to please local public opinion. The opposition sources said they even doubted that Fashi was really executed, noting that the footage of his execution aired on public television was short and blurred.
The sources speculated that Iranian intelligence assassinated Mohammadi, the nuclear scientist allegedly killed by Fashi, because it had discovered that he intended to defect to the West.
Al-Arabiya said that the Israeli passport attributed to Fashi by Iran was so badly forged it “was not becoming of a country capable of building nuclear facilities.”
The channel reported that certain characteristics of the passport indicate that it was issued in the 1990s, not in 2003 as printed on it. Other obvious faults in the travel document include a misplaced passport number and a photo which displays the face tilted to the side rather than directly facing the camera.
“The Mossad would not place an illegal photo on a passport given to an agent in order to travel in Europe and elsewhere, as airport authorities would easily suspect it,” the report claimed.
Emanuele Ottolenghi of Commentary magazine also noted that Fashi is looking away from the camera in the alleged passport and that he appears to be an adult. If the 2003 date was accurate, Fashi would have been 15.
To further support the above, UK blog site 'Harry's Place' has exposed that the so called Israeli passport, belonging to the man the Iranians claim they found guilty of Masoud Ali Mohammadi's death, is actually an exact copy of a picture found on Wikipedia's page about Israeli passports (other than the passport photo):

Funny enough, the exact same operating procedures were used by Iranian hitmen in the Far East in which to target Israeli diplomatic staff, as used against scientists inside Iran. Coincidence?