Friday, May 25, 2012

Iran Sanctions FAIL: Iran Doubles Enriched-Uranium Stockpile and Goes Beyond 20%

The crazed mullahs want a bomb no matter what sanctions are enacted. They were just caught lying, again.

27% enrichment has no other purpose than as a step to weaponization.
May 25 (Bloomberg) -- Iran increased its output of enriched uranium that world powers are concerned may eventually be used for a nuclear weapon, according to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.

Iran almost doubled its stockpile of 20 percent-enriched uranium, to 145 kilograms (320 pounds), from 73.7 kilograms in February, the IAEA said today in a restricted 11-page report seen by Bloomberg News. Iran had tripled its production of the material in the three months to Feb. 24.

IAEA inspectors reported they'd found "the presence of particles" of 27 percent-enriched uranium at Iran's Fordo facility. The particles were a result of "technical reasons beyond the operator's control," Iran told the Vienna-based agency, which is looking into the matter. Uranium enriched over 20 percent is technically highly-enriched, though most nuclear bombs use the heavy metal purified to 90 percent levels.