Sunday, May 27, 2012

Abu Hamza's daughter-in-law jailed in the UK

(London) Radical Islamic hate preacher Abu "I really hate non-Muslims but am fighting tooth and hook in which to remain living amongst them" Hamza is currentlyva guest of Her Majesty the Queen inside Belmarsh prison for preaching hatred towards the entire non-Islamic population of the world. While banged up, the Americans hit him with an extradition order in which to have him face charges of being a hatemonger over there. Unfortunately for Hamza, his appeal to the EU court of human rights found in favour of kicking his arse out of the UK.

While Hamza has been promoting the victim line to anybody who will listen, he and his own have continued on the path of criminality which is ingrained in the DNA of Muslims the world over. Which is why his sons were jailed in 1999 for terrorism in the Yemen, his sons were jailed over a £1 million car scam the other year, while another of his sons was jailed for attacking the police. Another was spared jail for burglary.

All of the above substantiates the view that criminality is written into the codex of the Koran and is the reason why Hamza's daughter-in-law was jailed for 12 months last Friday.

It transpires that during a visit to Belmarsh prison in 2010, 26-year-old Chaymae Smak thought it would be a good idea to hide a mobile phone sim card under her burka in which to allow Hamza to continue to spread his evil while behind bars. Unfortunately for Allah's finest, she thought wrong when she presumed nobody would search her. But they did, and that is the reason why she was sent down.

In typical Islamic fashion, she played the victim card, appealing her sentence at the Appeals Court on Wednesday, May 23, claiming she should be released for the sake of her 10-month-old son with whom she was pregnant at the time of the prison visit.

But the judges were having none of it, and another of the Hamza clan finds out what life is all about behind bars.