Monday, May 21, 2012

Occupy Descends Into Bill Ayers-Style Terrorism In Chicago

(IBD) After unleashing a crime wave on U.S. cities, the Occupy movement has descended into actual terrorism, as arrests in Chicago show. This is no longer the work of a fringe, but a shadowy group with political sponsorship.

Three men at the heart of the Occupy movement in Miami were charged Friday with conspiracy to commit terrorism near the NATO summit in Chicago. Mixing up Molotov cocktails, their big plan was to hurl firebombs at Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home, President Barack Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters, a police station and various Chicago banks.

"Ever see a cop on fire?" one of the punks asked shortly before he was arrested. After news of that broke, Occupy Chicago took to Twitter to defend the three, calling the arrests state intimidation of "activists."

It wasn't the only incident in Chicago: Two other terrorist-wannabes were busted for plotting to make pipe bombs to hurl at the NATO summit.

They may have all been amateurs, but it follows another incident in Cleveland just weeks ago. Three Occupy terrorist-wannabes were caught trying to detonate a bomb on a city bridge. At their arraignment, Occupy protestors showed up in large numbers to support them.

Make no mistake: This is a pattern. Wherever Occupy goes, terrorism follows. Occupy practices no moral hygiene, as Bill Buckley used to put it, and accepts every freak who joins them in a way the Tea Parties never did.

It's a textbook example of how terrorist movements everywhere get started — as protests of discontent with ill-defined goals in an atmosphere of illegality, with little effort to use the democratic process.

All the same, they draw political support from ambitious political leaders with otherwise unsalable ideas.

In Occupy's case, support came from President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and various city officials who coddled them.

Such a movement metastasizes into cells of "committed" revolutionaries. Obama's Chicago mentor Bill Ayers founded the 1960s Weathermen terror network this way. Colombia's FARC, Spain's ETA, Lebanon's Hezbollah and other terror group began that way, too.

The cops easily nabbed the punks in Chicago, but in time terrorist groups become more professional.

That's the next stage. The one thing that stops them is political will. That's sorely lacking now, and is fueling Occupy's growing extremism.