Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iran sacks pedophile of a diplomat

(Brazil)  Last month, 51-year-old Hekmatollah Ghorbani, an Iranian diplomat, was arrested after parents reported him to the police for touching up little girls as they played in a swimming pool. Of course, being an Iranian, he played the diplomatic immunity card in which to get out of jail, and his government defended his actions by claiming:
“This was all a cultural misunderstanding”.
Anyway, knowing how sensitive this was, the mullahs in Tehran had Ghorbani return to mosque central, and today they released a news statement which declared that Ghorbani had been sacked. I quote:
“After an investigation into the violations by the Iranian employee of the Iranian embassy in Brazil, it was found his behavior was contrary to administrative regulations and Islamic conduct ... thus he was dismissed,” 
Let me get this straight. Contrary to Islamic conduct they say. Anybody want to remind the mad mullahs over there what their prophet got up to with a 6-year-old child?