Friday, December 28, 2018

Germany: ISIS female charged with war crime for allowing 5 year old slave to die of thirst.

(München)  The authorities in Germany  have charged a 27-year-old female ISIS  member with taking a 5-year-old girl as a slave in Iraq and then allowing the child to die of thirst whilst she was shackled to a wall. Jennifer W  left Germany in August 2014 and travelled via Turkey and Syria to Iraq where she joined Isis the following month. Recruited to a vice squad of the militant group’s self-styled morality police, she would patrol Isis-occupied cities of Fallujah and Mosul armed with an Ak47 punishing females for not subscribing to the polarised views of Islamic state. In 2015, along with her ISIS husband, they purchased female slaves, one of whom was a 5 year old child, who when she became ill, was chained up outside the house as punishment for wetting her bed and where the poor child was allowed to die of thirst.

A year later, Jennifer W popped across the border into Turkey in which to renew her German passport, the Turks arrested her and deported her back to Germany. As the Germans had nothing on her, she was allowed to do as she pleased, which is why she was arrested in June of this year trying to catch a flight back to Syria in which to continue with her ISIS mission of murder death kill. Whilst in custody, it came out in the wash that she was ISIS and that she along with her husband not only kept slaves, but mistreated them, including allowing a 5 year old child to die of thirsty. Armed with that information, she has been charged with war crimes and is now awaiting a date to appear in court.