Thursday, December 27, 2018

Israel: Hezb-allah attack tunnel flooded with concrete.

(Jerusalem)  Today the IDF set about ensuring that the attack tunnels that Hezb-allah, The UN and the Lebanese claim don't exist cannot be used to launch terrorist attacks inside Israel.

Funny enough the tunnels all centred around the Israeli town of Metula which just happens to be inside a salient of Israel land that juts into Lebanon. No doubt the Hezb-allah agenda was to cut the town off from Israel for the time it would take for the IDF to take it back and ensure that by using those willing to die for the cause, inflict such a cost to the Israelis that they would retreat from the area and effectively hand it over to the Lebanese. The IDF knowing of the blood thirsty plans of the followers of the religion of peace, know fully well that they couldn't destroy the tunnels using explosives without destroying their own concrete barrier set in place, so they filled the tunnel with fast setting concrete, which was filmed pouring out of a so called chicken factory built right next to the Israel border wall.
Funny how the UN, Lebanon and Hezb-allah have remained ever so silent on how Israeli concrete has been seen pouring out onto the streets of Lebanon out of the entrance to a tunnel they claim doesn't exist......oh look squirrel!