Thursday, December 20, 2018

UK: Kasim in court after getting caught with his pants down inside a funeral home.

(Birmingham)  On the 11th of last month , 23 year old Kasim Khuram decided to go shopping during the very early hours.  Finding the front door of a local undertakers locked he broke in and for whatever reason his single braincell deemed as logical he became sexually aroused over one of the people waiting to given a funeral by his/hers loved ones.

Which is why despite the alarm bell ringing away for all to hear, the police found him having sexual intercourse with a dead body. He was caught literally with his pants around his ankles and yesterday had his day in court.

But get this Kasim who sports a Palestinian tattoo on his neck, waved to his supporters Get that, this necrophilliac caught defiling a recently deceased person, had his friends come to give him support. You'd think anybody with an ounce of decency wouldn't be seen dead with Kasim, but hey they did and that speaks so much about the company Kasim keeps, his upbringing and the community he belongs to.