Friday, December 14, 2018

France: ISIS Gunman on the run...neutralised

(Strasbourg) 29 year old Cherif Chekatt who went on the rampage in a Christmas market in the home of the European parliament  the other day killing 3 and injuring another 11 more. Well after the shooting he went into hiding and the security forces in the city have for the past few days been carrying out a huge sweep and last night , they managed to flush him out and in the ensuring gun battle he fought the law and the law won. 

Born in Strasbourg, he was on the Fiché-S list of people considered a potential security threat and had been flagged up as having been radicalised. He was well known to police as a criminal and had been convicted 27 times, mostly for theft and violence, in France, Germany and Switzerland. 5 people are currently under arrest for helping him, including his parents and brothers.