Thursday, December 27, 2018

Italy: Moroccan causes panic inside church by screaming out 'Allah ackba' during Christmas Eve Midnight mass.

(Maclodio)  I’m not overtly religious , in fact I’m not religious at all, and I can say the same for a lot of people from the area of Great Britain were I am from. But one tradition we do hold dear, is to go to church on Christmas Eve for Midnight mass. It’s a wonderful thing to behold to see the local church packed full to the rafters with people (most under the influence of alcohol) and as I stated, most of these people don’t bother with entering a church for the rest of the year other than for weddings, deaths or baptisms.  Now I’m talking about a Anglican church . The Catholics are a different breed and they do go to church, why the Catholic church near me (2 streets away) is always well attended and no doubt in places such as Italy the attendance will be even higher. Places like in the town of Maclodio near Milan.

So imagine how the locals reacted on Christmas Eve, when a Moroccan immigrant decided to start shouting ‘Allah Achba’ during the service whilst keeping his left hand behind his back prompting people to think he was armed. He was pushed out of the church by a couple of lads, the police were called and he was arrested. But get this, this isn’t the first time something like this has transpired in the town. In 2017 another immigrant did likewise, but this time he had a suitcase in his hand, thankfully after getting nicked, it was found that the suitcase was empty. Just what is it about these people and their inability to accept other religious faiths who having virtually ethically cleansing their home countries of other faiths are now carrying out such in lands where they are the guests.