Thursday, November 22, 2018

Somalia: 3 days of US airstrikes sees over 50 Terrorists killed.

(Mogadishu) The Somalia based Al Shabaab terror group continues to be weakened following three days of airstrikes by US forces that have left 50 dead so far. In a statement, the US Africa Command says they conducted two more airstrikes in the vicinity of Haradere, Somalia on Wednesday.

It has been reported that six terrorists were killed in the first airstrike while the second destroyed a weapons cache. The strikes on Wednesday follow up on airstrikes conducted on Monday and Tuesday this week which have left 44 terrorists  dead in different parts of the troubled country.

This week's airstrikes have been carried out in Mudug region of Somalia which is north of the capital and has been reality clear of Al Shahbab activity until of late. So it appears that the US, is making sure that these newcomers don't settle.