Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Zealand: Ackland pride faces huge backlash after it bans the Police from taking part .

(Auckland)  Pride events take place all over the world (Well Western world) and its where the LGBT crowd  get to celebrate the fact ,that they are here and Queer in which to showcase their fight for equality after years of inequality,homosexuals are deemed (quite rightly) by law (in many western countries)  to be the equal of heterosexuals.

The thing is having gained the equality they have demanded for years, certain fractions within the LGBT crowd have become the thing they claim they hate the most.  Intolerant bigots and in New Zealand, these so called champions of equality have found out the hardway that you can't have your Gay friendly cake and eat it too. 

The management of New Zealand Pride which is scheduled to run in 2019 listened to the concerns of a few activists who claimed they felt unsafe marching alongside uniformed police and corrections staff, so as we have seen across the world when it comes to the implementation of Political correctness, the management addressed those fears by simply banning the Police. Well that hasn't gone down well across New Zealand and in response, numerous sponsors have cut ties with NZ Pride. With the New Zealand Defence Force, Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust and numerous major sponsors – including the Westpac bank and Vodafone – to withdraw from the parade, saying the festival should be about inclusion and acceptance. In response the Pride management held an urgent meeting and decided that gay members of the Police can now attend, but not in uniform.
And as usual, those who find fault with everything and anything have ended killing the golden goose that actually promotes their cause.