Tuesday, November 27, 2018

UK: Knife attacker walks free from court

(London) has gained something of a reputation due to its knife crime epidemic which funny enough started when the city picked a human rights lawyer as its new mayor and the first thing he did was get rid of police stop and search as he deemed it was 'racist'. since then knife crime has gone through the roof and despite the Mayor claiming he is pulling all the stops out in which to combat this evil trend, the killings continue.

Which brings me to the story of 18 year old Joshua Gardner who went on the rampage on the streets of London with a huge zombie knife. in May this year. Thankfully nobody was injured and due to the entire incident being captured on film Gardner was soon arrest and today had his day in court.

Well guess what the judge took pity on him and Gardner walked free from court. There lies the reason why knife crime is rife in the UK. Political correctness,