Sunday, November 18, 2018

Israel: Female soldiers left behind after patrol are attacked by Palestinians.

(Jordan Valley)  What is happening with the IDF? The otherday after an operation in the Jordan valley, the army recovered its troops,  however a section of 5 women were left behind with no means of communication. Realising that they were effectively in enemy territory, the girls tabbed down a road towards a means of communication.  Whilst doing so, they were spotted by 2 car loads of Palestinian men, who proceeded to harass and then attack them, the girls took shelter in a grove of trees and shouted at the men to leave them alone. Their ordeal only stopped when one of the girls managed to remove her barrel blocker from her weapon (Used during training exercises to allow blanks to fire) and aim it at the men. They took note and legged it along with 3 Helmets they had stolen from the girls. The girls finally came across a petrol station where they rang for help.

The incident which transpired last week, has resulted in both the commanding officers and the girls being reprimanded. The question I have to ask, is how the hell can you leave 5 of your troops behind, (Nobody ever heard of a roll call?) and not pick up on that for 3 hours until they rang in for help. After over 70 years of hostilities , you'd think the IDF of today would know better, heads must roll for this inexcusable failure in leadership, thankfully all that was lost were 3 helmets,