Thursday, November 22, 2018

Nigeria: 100 soldiers killed in terrorist attack

(Metele)  The Nigerian military received a huge set back in its fight against Boko Haram in the north of the country when Boko Haram terrorists mounted a raid on an army camp situated 10 miles from both the Niger and Chad borders.

The approaching terrorists were spotted by the sentries of the 157 Task Force Battalion, but instead of preparing for battle and fighting back, the troops hunkered down in which to weather the storm and then in a fit of madness, decided to do a runner in their trucks, however the first truck in their escape convoy broke down as it tried to push a way through the barbed wire fence which surrounds the camp ,blocking their route out of the base for the rest of the convoy and around 100 soldiers were killed in the ensuring kill zone.  The entire camp has been ransacked, resulting in the terrorists gaining huge stores of tanks, armoured vehicles, weapons and lots of ammo. A mission to collect the dead, the next day was foiled the next day when it was ambushed.

After 9 years of fighting, and of late geaining the upper hand agaisnt the Boko Haram terrorists, it appears somebody became complacent by sending such raw troops into a warzone.  A complacency which has undone a lot of hard work and will result in this drawn out insurgency being drawn out even longer, due to corruption, nepotism and pure stupidity. Why stupidity, because the day before another base in the same town had been overrun.