Friday, November 30, 2018

Israel: Last nights attack on Syria carried out by Surface to surface missiles and not Aircraft

(Jerusalem)  It has been revealed that last nights attack carried out by the IDF on 15 separate targets was done by the use of Surface to Surface missiles and not aircraft:

Two very different kinds of missiles were used last night:
     1)  LORA (shorthand for "LOng Range Attack") is a tactical missile developed in Israel.  It is a short-range "quasi-ballistic" missile system, in that the missile follows a ballistic trajectory to the target, but performs random or programmed evasive manoeuvres while in flight to allay tracking and interception. It has a maximum range of 250 km or 300 km and a minimum range of 30 km. It can be fitted with either of two warheads ; a general-purpose warhead weighing 440 kg, and a 600 kg penetrator warhead for destroying hardened targets. LORAs armed with the larger warhead have a shorter 250 km range.

    2)  Tamuz (Spike Non line of sight, NLOS) is a  long ranged battlefield missile with a maximum range of 25 km, whilst a long ranged battlefield weapon, it is deemed a short range theatre missile. Designed by the Israelis after the Yom Kippur war, the missile is launched to a waypoint near the target , where a real time operator takes control and using the built in camera directs the missile to where he wants it to go.