Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS thug, Jihadi John, taken out by drone strike

(Syria) The ISIS henchman Jihadi John, infamous for being behind the beheadings of at least 27 innocent people, was killed Thursday by a targeted drone strike in the de-facto capital of ISIS, Raqqa. Ironically, Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John) was taken out by a Hellfire strike in the Clock tower square used by ISIS in which to murder so many people.

It appears that this thug had been tracked for the past 6 weeks and the US simply bided its time waiting for the opportunity to make a clean kill. They took their shot at midnight local time on Thursday when the ever so careful about his movements Emwazi popped out of a building into a speeding car. Problem for him and the two other ISIS idiots inside was that the Hellfire missile is a lot faster.

The Trotskyite leader of the British Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has opined that it would have been better for all if Jihadi John had been arrested and had his day in court. But then I am talking about the same bloke who openly supports Hamas, Hezbollah, wants the UK out of NATO and in turn join up with mother Russia.