Thursday, November 19, 2015

Man who converted to Christianity from Islam attacked by baseball bat wielding thugs

(England) 49-year-old Nissar Hussain and his family have had to endure 19 years of abuse since they converted on mass from Islam to Christianity. The thing is, the Hussain family lives in the UK and their abusers are all... Muslims. They have been repeatedly attacked for converting and their story has been reported time and time again. In fact, the one such report was in 2008, 7 years ago.

Only last month they reported that they were being forced out of their second home due to the bigoted nature of a large number of Muslims. But have the British Islamic community or even the police done anything to allow this family to live in peace? No. Which is why the other day when Mr Hussain went out to his car, he was ambushed by a bunch of Islamic thugs who, using baseball bats, put him in hospital with a broken kneecap and a broken hand.

Gee, isn't Islam such a tolerant and peaceful faith?