Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Explosives detected in two DHL parcels destined for US at Cairo International Airport

(Ahram Online) Two DHL parcels containing explosive materials were seized at Cairo International Airport before making their way to the US through London, an official told Aswat Masriya on Tuesday.

The source at the airport said that the parcels, weighting about 10kg, were going through security procedures when the explosive substances were detected by the X-Ray scans.

The two parcels underwent further examinations which confirmed the existence of explosives.

The official said that the parcels have been put under heavy security until authorities can identify their owners.

Following the crash of the Russian airliner on 31 October in Sinai which killed all 224 passengers on board, security measures were tightened at Egyptian airports.

New X-Ray baggage security scanners have been installed in the departure hall of Cairo International Airport.

The United States has asked Egypt not to ship parcels, cargo or mail on passenger aircraft destined for the United States starting this week.