Sunday, November 29, 2015

Arab Reporters Call Out Palestinian Media Incitement

JAFFA, Israel (Breitbart) – Arab reporters based in the Middle East have taken to Facebook in order to criticize Palestinian media outlets for inciting untrained youngsters to risk their lives by carrying out anti-Israel terrorist attacks.

The tipping point came on Tuesday when two teenage Palestinian girls were shot after they stabbed a 70-year-old Palestinian man outside a central Jerusalem market. The man was apparently mistaken for an Israeli.

The girls, likely incited by a constant stream of Palestinian propaganda, clearly believed they could successfully carry out an attack using nothing but a pair of scissors.

After seeing the images of the two young, scissor-wielding Palestinian girls, Arab journalists expressed their outrage, largely blaming the media outlets associated with the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations, although Palestinian Authority television has also been leading an anti-Israel incitement campaign.Tweet 3

The Palestinian radio journalist Alla Adin Tawil posted on Facebook: “To the Channels ‘Palestine Today,’ ‘Al Quds,’ and ‘Al Aqsa’ and all those who were around them, be afraid of Allah. Enough.”

So the Arab reporters' main point is: You can't just send untrained teens on a killing spree; at least give them a crash course in knife/scissors wielding and, for fuck's sake, teach them to distinguish a Jew from a Arab, and then send them on a mission... or Allah will punish you.