Saturday, November 28, 2015

Palestinian jihadist Mahmoud al-Salfiti, who murdered pro-Palestinian Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza, was killed fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq

In 2011, Mahmoud al-Salfiti and 4 other Palestinian jihadists kidnapped and killed Vittorio Arrigoni, an International Solidarity Movement activist, a movement that, ironically, demonizes Israel and covers for Palestinian terrorism. You can tell by their sentences that Hamas did not believe that Vittorio's life was worth much.

Mahmoud escaped in June of 2015 when Hamas let him out of prison so he could celebrate the month of Ramadan with his family. He escaped and went to Iraq to fight for ISIS, and that is where he met his violent end.

Middle East Eye:
In addition to Salfiti, Tamer al-Hasasna was also given a life sentence that was later reduced to 15 years. Arrigoni’s parents had asked the Hamas military court not to give them the death penalty. The third associate, Amer Abu Ghola, served a lighter sentence of one year for providing the apartment that Arrigoni was found in, while the fourth, Khadr Faruk Jram, evaded arrest despite being sentenced to 10 years.
Times of Israel:
Mahmoud Al-Salfiti was killed in the Anbar province in western Iraq. He is the fourth Gazan to die this month fighting for the jihadist organization in Syria and Iraq, the Hebrew-language website Walla reported.

Al-Salfiti fled Gaza in June while on furlough from prison, where he was serving a 15-year sentence for the 2011 kidnap and murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, an International Solidarity Movement activist.
Just one more bit of proof that there is no difference between ISIS and Hamas or any of the other terror networks, and criticizing Israel for its activities against Hamas is only damaging to Western interests.