Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Israel outlaws Islamic Movement, citing incitement

Better late than never.
(WJD) Israel banned today the northern branch of the Islamic movement, citing the group's racist ideology, its anti-state rhetoric, its close ties to Hamas, and especially its active incitement to violence on the Temple Mount.

Israeli authorities searched the movement's offices throughout Israel and all the group's property can be seized. Explaining the decision, the government of Israel said:
"For years, the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement has been leading a campaign of deception under the headline 'Al Aqsa is in danger,' which falsely accuses Israel of intending to damage the Al Aqsa mosque and break the status quo," the Cabinet decision said. "Within this framework, the Northern Wing established an array of paid activists – the murabitun / murabitat – for the purpose of initiating provocations on the Temple Mount. This activity has led to a meaningful escalation in tensions on the Temple Mount. Many of the terror attacks carried out recently were executed against the background of this incitement and propaganda."

"The Northern Wing under Sheikh Ra'ed Salah is a sister to the Hamas terror organization," the Cabinet added. "The two movements cooperate closely and secretly. The Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement is a separatist-racist organization that does not recognize the institutions of the state of Israel, negates its right to exist and calls for an Islamic caliphate in its stead."
Salah (pictured above) has a long history of inciting violence around the Temple Mount.