Thursday, November 26, 2015

CNN Erases Israel, posts map showing Israel as 'Palestina'

(WJD) CNN erased Israel from the map in a recent story posted to its website.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the network - which is often criticized for anti-Israel bias - posted a map to a story on global hot spots that referred to Israel as "Palestina."

The map was later replaced after significant online criticism.

The Post quotes Simon Plosker of the website Honest Reporting, which tracks anti-Israel bias in the media, saying,
At a time when the state’s very legitimacy is being called into question by vicious anti-Israel extremists, any message that Israel does not belong in the Middle East plays into this false narrative and feeds those like the Iranian ayatollahs who wish to see Israel erased from the map.
Plosker said that such behavior is typical of CNN and the network must take steps to prevent it.