Sunday, July 26, 2015

Shebab gunmen kill Somali lawmaker and his guards, right after Obama said the Al-Qaeda affiliated group had been "weakened"

Every time he says something...
Mogadishu (AFP) - Somalia's Shebab insurgents assassinated a lawmaker and his guards, the president said, hours after US President Barack Obama said the Al-Qaeda affiliated militants had been "weakened".

Gunmen sprayed the car of MP Abdulahi Hussein Mohamud with gunfire as he travelled through a southern district of the capital Mogadishu earlier Saturday, killing him, his two guards and the driver.

President Hassan Sheik Mohamud said he was "devastated" at the attack, the latest in a string of murders of Somalia's lawmakers.

"The lawmaker was martyred while serving the nation, but such killings will not deter us from going forward," Mohamud told reporters.

The Shebab said in a statement that their "mujahedeen fighters targeted and killed a member of the parliament and his guards", adding that they "will continue targeting" lawmakers.