Thursday, July 9, 2015

Israel redesigns Iron Dome to tackle UAVs

(TEL AVIV) As we have seen these past few years, Israel’s deployment and subsequent use of the Iron Dome anti-missile system has been an outstanding success. As of 3 years ago, Iron Dome was knocking down 70% of all military ordinance heading its way from Gaza. Those stats have only got better since then as the system has matured.

Well, it appears that Israel’s friends across the border have decided to build themselves a mini air force and have started using UAVs in which to watch the IDF. As with UAVs from the north (Hezb-allah), Israel has used F-16s in which to knock these quite small flying machines out of the sky, which, truth be told, isn’t practical. So, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd, the maker of the Iron Dome, have carried out tests in which to show that the system is just as good knocking UAVs out of the sky as is incoming missile fire. Expect a complaint from the UN.