Thursday, July 16, 2015

ISIS claims rocket attack on Egypt navy boat in Mediterranean Sea

(Egypt) Islamic terrorists opened up a new dimension in their attacks on Egypt when they launched a anti-tank missile at an Egyptian patrol boat off the coast of Northern Sinai. The missile struck the boat, which caused the boat to catch fire. No casualty figures have been released.

The missile (highlighted) just before it strikes.
The strike.
The aftermath.

The ship that was hit appears to have been an Egyptian coastguard SWIFTSHIPS’ 28 Meter FastPatrol Craft, of which the Egyptians operate 9. Here is what the craft looks like:

And here is what the front of the burning vessel looks like:

There appears to be a 30mm gun on the front of this one, so the boat in question may actually look like this:

But whatever the variant, it does look like a US made Swiftship.