Thursday, July 23, 2015

John Kerry is a headcase

From the New York Post:
[...] Secretary of State John Kerry. He might have been president but for the fact that he fell away from the American cause in Vietnam — in which he had served for four months — and, in 1971, testified before the Senate against his fellow GIs.

His presidential campaign ignited an election-year uprising by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who deemed him “unfit for command.” Now Kerry is suggesting that the Iran nuclear deal is the culmination of what he learned in Vietnam.

This occurred in an under-reported episode after the Iran pact was signed in Vienna. In the final session, according to quoting state undersecretary Wendy Sherman, the ministers spoke of what the pact meant to them.

Sherman found it moving, particularly when Kerry spoke about Vietnam. “When I was 22, I went to war,” Kerry said, before choking up. “He couldn’t get the words out,” Sherman said. “And everybody was completely spellbound.”

“I went to war,” Kerry finally continued, “and it became clear to me that I never wanted to go to war again. That’s what this was all about. Trying to settle these matters through diplomacy and peaceful means.” Sherman called it “such a moving moment that everybody in that small room applauded — including the Iranian delegation.”
The headcase starts crying in front of the Iranian delegation that he "never wanted to go to war again"...

So he votes for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on suspected WMD, and then delivers WMD of the worst type to Iran after a decade, as a means to avoid war...

Throw him into a psych ward and throw away the key.