Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 16th, 2015)

(Afghanistan) A hidden bomb in the village of Otrai resulted in the deaths of 4 children who were playing outside at the time.

Five policemen and six Taliban terrorists have been killed during a clash and a drone strike in eastern Laghman and Nangarhar provinces.

11 insurgents have been killed in newest military operations in four provinces. According to a news report, operations were conducted in Samkani and Janikhil districts of Paktia, Dehrawoud, Charchino and Surab districts of Urozgan, Gujran and Gizab districts of Daikundi, Naish and Maiwand districts of Kandahar and in Paroun of Nooristan in past 24 hours. The statement added that three soldiers from the Afghan National Army were also killed.

Unidentified armed men have gunned down a senior police officer in southern Kandahar. Abdul Hadi Farahi and his brother, also a policeman, died on the spot and two other policemen sustained injuries in the attack.

(Bangladesh) Three people have been killed in Bangladesh in separate "gunfights" with the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Rangpur and the country's capital Dhaka. Two of the dead have been named and they are Manik, 25, and his brother Sumon, 26. Both are accused in several murders, extortion and mugging cases.

(Iraq) Anbar province in western Iraq saw 23 ISIS idiots killed during the past 24 hours in the ongoing Iraqi army campaign to take back the land captured by Allah’s favourite terrorists.

In Mosul, ISIS idiots executed 17 fishermen for the crime of not handing over their catch to them. Also, the blood thirsty Islamic terrorist group admitted to killing 14 of its own for not doing as they were told.

Thieves who broke into a house in ISIS held Mosul must have thought all their Eids had come at once (it's tomorrow) when they found a mother and her 3 daughters at home. But instead of wishing them Eid Mubarak, for some strange reason which is beyond me, all 4 were stabbed to death.

(Kashmir) A flare-up in disputed Kashmir involving gunfire and mortar attacks has left five civilians dead and over a dozen wounded.

(Kenya) When a vehicle carrying soldiers was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at Lagolei, a small town near Elade in Gedo region of Somalia, “the soldiers inside got out and pursued the terrorists who were no doubt uttering ‘Allah ackba’ and having a good laugh. Imagine their surprise when the tables were turned and they became the victims. In the ensuring firefight, seven Al Shabab terrorists were killed, eight AK-47 rifles, two grenades and assorted ammunition were seized. The Kenyan Army lost 1 soldier and had another injured.

(Lebanon) Local thug Tareq Yatim chased 45-year-old George al-Rif, from the Beirut airport road to Ashrafieh and then stabbed him with a knife after a dispute over traffic priority.

(Niger) Cattle rustlers who attacked 3 villages, killed 11 people last night. Seing as the country is 99% Islamic, it's a good bet the killers were... Muslims.

(Nigeria) Death toll from yesterday's Boko Haram attacks in Borno state rose from 12 to 30.

(Saudi Arabia) A car bomb exploded Thursday night at a security checkpoint in the Saudi capital Riyadh, killing the driver and wounding two policemen.

(Syria) An ISIS convoy was caught out in the open yesterday in of al-Hasakah district. The resulting air strike, presumed to have been carried out by the Syrian government, resulted in the timely deaths of 22 ISIS idiots. 3 more idiots were killed by air strikes after the initial one on the convoy.

Barrel bombs were dropped by the Syrian government on areas not owned by them. In this case, areas of Al-Bab city to the north east of Aleppo saw 11 people killed, which included 3 children.

In yet another bloodthirsty propaganda video ISIS idiots executed 4 Syrians soldiers in front of the al- Rahba castle, justifying their act by calling their victims… apostates.

(Somalia) An Al-Shabab convoy was caught out in the open today by the US Air Force. The resulting strike killed 51 of the blood thirsty thugs, including a several commanders (which means they could write their names).

(Thailand) Two soldiers were killed in an ambush by separatist insurgents in southern Thailand on Thursday, the military said. The soldiers were hit by machine-gun fire while out on patrol in their pick-up truck. Insurgents then poured gasoline over the vehicle and set fire to it, army spokesperson Banphot Poonpien said.

Ramadan death toll is now at 6,211.