Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 15th, 2015)

(Afghanistan) Five civilians have been killed by unknown gunmen in southern Zabul province, the second such incident in one day. Following the attack, police arrived at the scene and a gun battle licked off between the two sides. Two attackers and a policeman were killed in the clash. The first incident took place in Zabul’s Shah Joy District where Hameedullah Noori, a civil society activist, and a policeman were shot dead. The gunman in turn was too shot dead.

22 terrorists have been killed in joint security operations across the country, Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday morning.

(Kashmir) Pakistani troops opened fire on India today, killing a woman and wounding at least four other people on the Indian side. Pakistani soldiers first fired at a paramilitary soldier guarding a border post in the Pargwal area. As troops tried to evacuate the seriously injured soldier, they came under heavy fire and retaliated. Pakistani troops also fired heavy mortar shells, and one woman was killed and three other civilians injured when one of the shells exploded near a border village.

Islamic terrorists shot dead a retired police officer on Tuesday night in Kulgam district of south Kashmir. The police said the retired Superintendent of police was killed at around 11:30 pm near his residence in Ashmuji.

(Iraq) At least 21 civilians have been killed and 24 others injured by several barrel bombs dropped by Iraqi government warplanes on residential areas in the city of Fallujah.

Two Chaldean Catholics who have been kidnapped in Baghdad in the past three weeks were killed even after payment of a ransom. A third, Saad Galyana Shaba, was freed by kidnappers after a ransom payment, while the fourth, Dr Bashar Ghanem Al Akrawi, was rescued by police.

(Nigeria) Boko Haram terrorists raided a border town in Nigeria's Borno state, and attacked another village in the same state, killing at least 12 people, Wednesday.

In three separate attacks Boko Haram terrorists have killed over 30 people. The worse transpired when these blood thirsty thugs set up a road block and shot dead anybody passing through, that incident alone resulted in 20 deaths.

(Syria) At least five rebels were killed Tuesday as a result of military operations by the Syrian army who are backed by the Lebanese terrorist outfit Hezbollah against the rebels in the Zabadani city, north of the capital Damascus and close to the Lebanese borders.

The foreign-backed militants fired rockets at al-Sabeel neighborhood in Daraa city, killing two women and injuring six other civilians on Wednesday.

More than 15 civilians killed and wounded in aerial bombardment on a town northeast of Aleppo.

6 killed in clashes in Sahl al-Ghab. Violent clashes between Islamist factions against the Syrian government forces and allied militiamen saw 4 soldiers and 2 Islamists killed.

132 people were reported killed yesterday in Syria. follow the link to see the breakdown (I've checked there are none we have already reported)

(Egypt) The armed forces reported Wednesday that they killed a suspected vehicle suicide bomber on the Katameya-Suez road. He was on his way to a military base to detonate the bomb, the statement added.

(Kenya) 5 people have been killed in an attack on a police truck that took place on Monday in the eastern coastal county of Lamu, which borders Somalia. “Five people were killed in the attack, including a mother and her child,” Lamu police chief Chrispus Mutali said, adding that five others were wounded in the attack.

Ramadan death toll is now at 5,983.