Monday, July 28, 2014

Pelosi: Qataris Have Told Me 'Hamas Is a Humanitarian Organization' and I believe Them

How many other "humanitarian organizations" does the State Department have on it's terror list?

But you can't trust fucking Qatar, who can you trust?
( - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says the United States must look to Qatar, an ally of the terrorist group Hamas, for advice in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization," she told CNN's "State of the Union" with Candy Crowley.

As reported last week, Qatar is a strong supporter and funder of Hamas. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal operates from Qatar, and has so far rejected ceasefire proposals put forward by Egypt and promoted by Secretary of State John Kerry.

The U.S government designated Hamas as a “foreign terrorist organization” in 1997. Its founding charter calls for Jews to be killed and says all Muslims are duty-bound to join a jihad to destroy Israel.

In an interview aired on CBS's "Face the Nation" Sunday, Hamas leader Meshaal said Hamas does not fight the Jews just because they are Jews. "We fight the occupiers," he said. As if he wants to recognize Israel as a Jewish state?, Meshaal said "No."

BTW, it's estimated more than 900 slave workers people have died building soccer stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar... and there's 8 more years to go.

Of course, it's difficult to get real numbers because those good people admired by Nancy Alzheimers Pelosi won't release them, but it's about the same as the number of innocents who have died in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

But, no Jews, so no outrage.