Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gulsheraz Mughal jailed for raping a woman during Ramadan

(Nottingham) Ramadan is supposed to be the Islamic month of reflection where they are supposed to help their neighbour (yeah, right), abstain from food (which is why Muslims actually put on weight during Ramadan), not have any violent thoughts and abstain from carnal (carnal, not camel) pleasures.

The problem for 39-year-old Gulsheraz Mughal was that he wanted to be as good as the founder of Islam, so he travelled 130 miles from London up the M1 to Nottingham and raped a woman like all good Muslims feel is their divine right.

Well today the dirty little bastard, was sent down for 6 years and placed on the sex offenders register for life. Err, can somebody please tell me why we can't deport him?

Hopefully, Mr Mughal will have the pleasure of screaming out 'Allah Ackba' during the next few Ramadans as his cell mate makes him bend over 5 times a day in which to show him the error of his ways.