Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamas feels the heat, begs Hezb-allah to feel free to join in

(Gaza) The brave Islamic warriors of Hamas who presumed they could reverse their financial misfortune by attacking Israel and then sit back for a few days as Israel struck back, and then wait for the cash and gratitude to come in, must be regretting their money-making move when Israel didn't stop after a few days and is doing to Hamas what they did to Fatah, and that is wipe the floor with them.

Instead of parading their victory over the Jew, the brave Islamic warriors hide inside tunnels which they refuse to share with the civilian population.

Oh, the bBC loves Hamas. In fact, over here in the UK, Al Beeb has become the propaganda arm of Islamic terrorism.

Well, it appears that Hamas has a cunning plan - let's bring somebody else into the party. And so they are on their hands and knees begging Lebanese "freedom fighters" Hezballah to feel free to join in the bun fight. The problem for Hamas is, Hezb-allah kind of has its hands full inside Syria and any action by them will no doubt result in a harsh response by Israel, which may turn around their hard won gains inside Syria and see them in a very tricky position.

Poor Hamas. Looks like they picked the wrong fight (again). I'm sure the Islamic Commander-in-Chief in the White house will come to their aid.