Monday, July 28, 2014

Hamas currently engaged in buying more missiles from North Korea

(Pyongyang) A common statement used by the left, Muslims, village idiots and those who simply don't know better is that the low Israeli death toll is down to the fact that Hamas is using home-made weapons.

Really? Can somebody please point me in the direction of how you can knock out 9M133 Kornet anti-tank missile systems which are designed to take out M1A2 tanks, seeing as Hamas have been using them since April 2011 when they used one to hit a coach full of school children, murdering 16-year-old Daniel Viflic.

It's the same with their Grad missiles (supplied from Iran via Sudan). In this latest conflict Hamas has been using Syrian M-302 missiles (weighs 1,155lbs, has a 385 high explosive warhead which is surrounded by ball bearings and has a range of up to 132 miles). So actually, the little war which Hamas started isn't as asymmetrical as the left wants us to believe.

Anyway, news has come out that Hamas is currently shopping for more weapons (aid money?) in which to continue the Islamic war against the Jews, and there lies the reason why the entire Islamic world has no problem supporting Hamas - they wish to eradicate the Jews.