Thursday, July 31, 2014

Islamic intolerance in the UK

(Birmingham) Tuesday was the first day of Eid (the Islamic Christmas) and Muslims the world over celebrate it. However, it appears that Muslims don't wish to share any of that goodwill with non-Muslims in the UK. Which is why when 22-year-old Leon Jennings decided to visit the pictures on Wednesday with two friends, they would have a good time. Problem for Leon and his friends is the picture house they visited, Star City entertainment complex in Birmingham, is situated within the Muslim enclave of the city, and as they drove in, the security man on the gate said to them “not tonight, guys, it’s couples and families only”. They thought he was just joking and went and parked up. However, on trying to walk inside, the security guy stopped them from going in. He told them they couldn't go in because it was only couples and families celebrating Eid.

But they weren't the only ones turned away: Emma Noakes said on Facebook: ‘My friend’s family have just been refused entry at Vue cinema as they are not Muslim - this is a shocking disgrace.’

Get that, Muslims who immigrated to the UK from their home countries, usually by claiming their lives were at risk (usually due to Sharia law and such), go and rebuild the very societies they claim to be escaping, and thus start the ball rolling again.

Imagine the outcry if Muslims were banned from entering anywhere in the UK. It becomes a bloody racist hate crime. But when the show is on the other foot, f-ing silence from the liberal and Islamic world.