Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pakistan Buys Russian Hind Helicopter Gunships

(Islamabad) After years of trying to get the US to sell them their latest helicopter gunships, Pakistan has unexpectedly turned to Russia and not China for the means to wage war from the air.

Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Alexey Dedov said Russia had agreed to sell the helicopters to Pakistan to assist the country with terrorism and the security related issues. Earlier this month, Russia was still holding talks with Pakistan on the supply of the combat helicopters and had lifted its embargo on the arms supply to Pakistan.

Russia, the traditional arms suppler for Pakistan's mortal enemy, India, must have felt put out by how India has been looking elsewhere for military equipment due to the Russians of late vastly increasing the price of its military goods at the last minute thus leaving the Indians with no other option but to purchase the Russian weapons.

The Mi-35, the latest derivative of the infamous Mi-24, used by virtually every Third World country in which to suppress the local population.