Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Lives in the Homes Stolen from European Jews?

(INN) All the recent surveys and reports are telling it: the world's worst anti-Semites come from Europe. 6 of the 10 entries in the new Simon Wiesenthal anti-Semitism black list are based in Europe. The first two countries where monitor groups found the highest number of anti-Semit attacks in 2012 were France and the UK.

Over the past few years, Jew-haters in Western Europe have used not only "garden variety" anti-Semitism - graffiti, leaflets, statements, articles and daubings - but terror, violence and murder have also been employed, at increasing rates. Toulouse, Ilan Halimi, the bombed synagogues and the arsoned Jewish centers are just some examples.

The images of "alien Jews", all-powerful and conniving at revenge, are evoked daily during Europe's parliamentary debates.

For a short while - day or two in historical terms - Europe understood that Auschwitz is unique, its horror like no other. But a few minutes later, the uniqueness was already forgotten. That's why the denial of the Holocaust has now become a major publishing industry in Europe. And for the first time since the fall of the Third Reich we have government officials, MPs, journalists and writers openly disseminating anti-Semitic materials as official policy.

Fear dominates Europe's Jewish minds.

Take Austria. The number of anti-Semitic incidents doubled in Austria in 2012. There are an estimated 15,000 Jews living in Austria, although only 8,140 Austria Jews announced themselves as such in the national census for "fear of reprisal". These are the new invisible Jews.

In many European cities the persecution suffered by the Jewish community has reached such a degree that many people are selling their homes at any price to move elsewhere.

But Europe's war on the Jewish people today is mostly centered around the fight over Judea and Samaria. For close to 2,000 years of statelessness in which Jews yearned, prayed and never lost hope for a return to their land, two vital facts miraculously remained unchanged. The first was that of the many conquerors who overran Eretz Yisrael during two millennia, none of them settled the land and the second was that none of them declared themselves an indigenous political entity therein.

Today, however, in the age of the big lie, that has changed. Many of the Protestant English inhabitants of Ulster have a longer history there than most Palestinian Arabs have in the land of Israel. The land "from Dan to Beersheba" was never, in all of history, a homeland to anyone but to the Jews, Jerusalem never a capital save under Jewish rule.

This is totally unacceptable to Europe. They cannot accept that while each invading people in its turn took possession of the land on the basis of "might makes right", the Jewish people never relinquished its claim to the land as the actual descendants of the people last to inhabit the land as a distinct historic nation.

The Jews who would have settled eastern Eretz Israel went up the chimneys of Auschwitz. Now Europe wants to do the same with the western side. That's why today hiking around the "settlements" requires guts, much planning and submachine guns.

The reason that most of world's anti-Semitism comes again from Europe is easily explained.

Israel now, Czechoslovakia then: both young democracies ridden with minority problems (Czechoslovakia: two-to-three million Germans in the Sudetenland, one million Hungarians, Ruthenes, Jews, etc.); both protected by a industrial-military complex; both defendable from a mountain range situated close to the would-be enemy. There it was the Sudetenland; in Israel it is Judea-Samaria.

If Czechoslovakia was described as an “appendix” which must be excised, in Europe's hate speech it's the "settlements".

If the Nazis shouted “today we have Germany, tomorrow the whole world”, in current Euro-Arab coinage it is “from the Green Line today to the ‘Blue {Mediterranean} Line’ tomorrow”.

Even from a military point of view the situation is very similar. Hitler had no heavy guns to crack the Sudeten fortifications, and was still unprepared for an all-out war. But he just needed a “Regional Conference” in Munich. The participants were Germany, Italy, France, Britain and, of course, Czechoslovakia, whose delegates waited outside, Hitler having refused to let them in.

Nothing has changed in the last twenty years: Europe, the Arab states and their Palestinian clients are aiming to create a state west of Jordan as a springboard from which to eliminate the Jewish énclave; the Americans are just guarding their interests without "offending anyone", while the Europeans are preserving their Arab-Islamic oil, whatever the cost to a Jewish Israel that is stubbornly insisting on preventing a Palestinian state and assuring its own survival.

Like Hitler, the Arabs have learned how to exploit the much-admired European notion of national self determination as a means of extending hegemony over all of Israel.
If Hitler’s club was the threat of war, the Arabs’ weapon is terrorism.

The dark irony is that the Europeans who are supporting the Palestinians' "right of return" are living in homes stolen from Jews they helped to gas.

Shall we call it "Final Solution, phase 2"?