Friday, January 25, 2013

Muslims find fault with LEGO

(Austria) Never one to live in perfect harmony with their fellow citizens, Turkish Muslims living in Austria have complained to LEGO, stating that their Jabba the Hut Palace is far too similar to the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul for their liking. This in their eyes is racism, and so they have demanded that LEGO remove this offending toy from their collection and also issue an apology to the world's Muslims for offending them. I quote from their website:

It appears that in their complaint the groups focuses on the guard and claims that not only does he resemble a prayer leader but he has an axe and an assault rifle. How could LEGO get away with such a lie? Don't they know that mosques are sacred places of worship and that weapons are forbidden? Oh, and here is the offending toy:

Is there anything that Muslims can't find offence with?