Friday, January 25, 2013

Turks threaten German soldiers defending... Turkey

(Turkey) After a few Syrian shells landed inside Turkey last year, the Turks, after pounding Syria for 6 days and nights with artillery fire, went cap in hand to NATO demanding that Patriot missile batteries be sent to defend the motherland from a fellow Islamic country. Which is why Holland, Germany and the US have sent a total of 6 missile batteries to defend huge Turkey from the much smaller Syria. Which, funny enough, is exactly the same situation which Israel finds itself from tiny little Gaza, but whom Turkey feels Israel is in the wrong (as does the entire Islamic world) from defending itself.

Anyway, in true Islamic fashion, groups of Islamic males have become angry at having non-Muslims defending Islamic Turkey from fellow Islamic Syria. Which is why German soldiers manning one such Patriot missile battery in the southern Turkish town of Iskenderun found themselves corned and attacked by a gang of 40 Turks.

Yup, nothing new here, as it's in the Muslims' nature to stab those who are helping them in the back.