Friday, January 18, 2013

CAIR tries to get media to drop the term 'Islamist' when it comes to Islamic terrorism

(Washington) What is it about Muslims and their feelings? Be it women having rights, saying another mosque is one too many, or simply calling a terrorist a terrorist, we find that all around the world Muslims are concerned about how others see them. Which is why in the UK, Islamic terrorists are no longer referred to as terrorists, but rather as militants or Islamists. However, across the pond, it appears that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) isn't happy. No, they aren't happy at the term 'Islamists' and have just started a campaign in which to pressure the media to remove that term from their lexicon and instead insert warm, fuzzy terms when describing bloodthirsty, intolerant bigoted Muslims, you know, such as 'peaceful, victim, innocent and loving.

What is it about Muslims and their inability to accept the fact that around 90% of all terrorist acts carried out around the world are by peaceful, innocent Muslims whose only crimes are to be victims of hook-nosed Jews and Americans?

CAIR, the fifth column in Americas midst.