Friday, January 25, 2013

Human rights laws prevent the deportation of an Islamic terrorist because he is... suicidal

(London) In the UK, an Algerian terrorist who himself admits he is a threat to the UK, and who is believed to be linked to the terrorist group which murdered so many innocent people in Algeria, last week has won his case to remain in the UK, because the idiot who sat on his hearing believed that there would be a real risk of of this follower of Islam committing suicide if he was deported. Gee, and there I am thinking that blowing one's self up while killing as many as possible is the aim of each and every Islamic idiot in the world today.

Funny enough, the prick who made this judgement is also the same prick who allowed Al Qaeda henchman Abu Qatada to remain in the country. Everybody say hello to dicksplash Mr Justice Mitting, the best friend of Islamic terrorists. Wouldn't it be ironic if Mitting meets his end at the hands of a terrorist he allowed to remain in the country.

Mitting, traitor to the British people