Friday, January 25, 2013

Gaza runs out of domestic gas, demands Israel sends more

(Gaza) It seems that due to the current spell of bad weather that has fallen on the Levant, gas use has spiralled in the Democratic republic of Gaza. However, it seems that householders in Gaza are burning 250 tonnes of the stuff a day, yet they only receive 150 tonnes a day from Israel. Which is why Samir Hamada, from Gaza's society of petrol companies has demanded for the expansion of the fuel transfer capacity at Kerem Shalom (Israeli border crossing) so that the domestic fuel needs of Gaza can be met.

Meanwhile in other news, Hamas’ Ministry of Economics announced this week its decision to ban the import of certain types of goods into Gaza through the Israeli crossings. These include office furniture, various types of foods, hygiene products, gas pipes, plastic, plastic bags and clothing. This is on top of Hamas's ban on other stuff imported in from Israel, including fuel oil for its power plant.

Can anybody point me in the direction of another country which actually supplies its sworn enemy with food, power and medicine during a time of war, which the other fellow started? Me neither, but according to the left and the Islamic world, everything is the fault of the Jew.