Thursday, July 1, 2021

US: Carried out airstrikes on Iranian militia based in Syria and Iraq.

(Washington)  So the last Saturday the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) the pro Iranian militia based in Iraq and who whilst apparently were subsumed into the Iraqi army, still receive their marching orders from Tehran decided to host their very own military terrorist parade where they showed off the their military might

The parade came hours after a drone attack took place on the city of Erbil which struck non military targets, most likely to send the message to the Americans that the Iranian milita now have the ability to carry out suicide drone attack's, so the Yanks best watch out.

In response the US struck 3 PMU bases (2 in Syria and 1 in Iraq) which had been turned into bases for UAVs resulting in the loss of a lot of equipment and men. Naturally the Iranian ali snack bar franchise in both countries have claimed their will avenge their fellow jihadists , what I can't understand is these idiots were going to die anyway, so why get upset over them achieving martyrdom sooner . Oh well. the USAF released videos on all 3 strikes. (click on the blue twitter bird to access all 3 video's)