Monday, December 6, 2021

Iran: Sees yet another Moudge-class frigate capsize , this time whilst in its dry dock.

(Iran:) In 2001, Iran set about a new ship building program based on the design of the 1971 Vosper Mk V class of which Iran purchased 4. The new class of frigate is known as the Moudge-class  of which by 2021, the following had been built:





There are 2 more of the class under construction in the port of Bandar Abbas and another one in the port of Bandar Anzali situated on the Caspian Sea. Now this is where it gets interesting, the ship under construction in Bandar Anzali is a direct replacement for the Damavand which capsized in 2018 when it hit the breakwater as it tried to enter port.

 Well its just come out in the wash that one of the two ships under construction in Bandar Abbas has also capsized, but what makes this tale even ignominious is the Talayieh was in dry dock at the time.