Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Iran: Sites of Hidden Missile bases revealed.

(Haji Abad) Despite all the rhetoric the  mullahs of Iran, understand only too well that when it comes to arms technology they are lightyears behind the rest. Virtually its entire military is based on 1970s equipment albeit with a new coat of paint. Knowing of this mismatch they have invested in disposable asymmetrical warfare , which is why they have funded hundreds of militia groups across the ME:

Why they have invested in Unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs aka drones) lots of small boats in which to swarm a target and of course missiles. Oh the  Mullahs do love their missiles as it affords them the ability to strike targets well out of the way and as we have seen time and time again they simply deny having anything to do with such missiles strike's, instead finger pointing at their proxies and exclaiming:
 "It wasn't me , it was them"

Whilst washing their hands of any terrorist activity by pro Iranian militias using missiles and rockets which funny enough resemble Iranian rockets and missiles, the Mullahs have spent a lot of money in which to build huge secret underground missiles bases, these they have paraded to the world in which to to exclaim:

"Never mind the quality feel the width"

and whilst they remain hidden, they pose a threat, but when they are located by the outside world, that missile base becomes nothing more than a huge white elephant (looks at the Maginot line or even La Coupole Hitlers secret V2 base in France which was intended to be a bomb proof structure which could launch V2 bombs against London on an industrial scale, until the RAF dropped the Tallboy bomb on it.)

Anyway one such missile base has been found by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) just outside the town of Haji Abad

They concluded that the base has at least 14 of the latest Zolfagar or Dezful missiles which are solid and not liquid fuelled meaning that they can ripple fire missiles within minutes and do so until they run out of stocks. But what surprised them the most was how the launch tubes for these missiles have been dug horizontally into the ground and aiming in the direction of Saudi Arabia :

Whilst this missile site has only recently come to the knowledge of the public, something tells me, the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel have known for a while. I mean the above photos show a time gap of 4 years from 2016 to 2020 and as such, I'm pretty sure that those launch tubes have a number of cross hairs on them , meaning that they can be put of action relatively quickly by a weapon such as the Storm Shadow which Saudi Arabia and the UAE have purchased over 900 at $3 million a pop. Similar bases have also been found at