Thursday, July 1, 2021

Germany: Authorities don't know why asylum seeker went on knife rampage which saw 3 women murdered and another 7 stabbed

(Wurzburg)  So last Friday a Somali migrant popped into the local Woolworths and asked an assistant "where are the knives ?" The 49 year old saleswoman proceeded to show him a selection, whereupom he picked up the longest and murdered her by stabbing her in the neck. He then turned on other customers killing a 82 year old woman  and a 21 year old who died protecting her daughter. he then ran outside and stabbed another 7 people outside before being chased, and attacked by bystanders before the  Police tipped up and put an end to his stabbing spree by shooting him in the leg allowing them to cuff and arrest him

Now compare the reaction of the German public: With that of the German authorities. For a start whilst the Jihadist (Police on searching where he lived found a load of ISIS paraphernalia) Then there was how he was uttering 'Allah ackba' as he carried out his deadly deed on a Friday the Islamic holyday where followers are lead to beleive that if they die carrying out acts of jihad they are guaranteed a special place in heaven. and yet the Police and authorities state they don't know his motive, his lawyer said his client could possibly be suicidal and might harm himself while in detention and the Bavarian state leader Markus Söder criticized people who labeled the attacker as "someone with migrant background," Err excuse me he's Somalian and not the victim who came to the country in 2015. But it gets worse earlier this year he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital  after threatening someone with a knife at a homeless shelter where he was living, Yet some expert deemed him fit to be released  and because of that experts decision, 3 women are dead with another 7 women badly injured.