Wednesday, December 18, 2019

UK: Mohamed, Mohammed and friend jailed for attacking gay men

(Birmingham)  Last week 18 year olds Mohammed Sohail Khan, Qaasim Ahmad, and Muhammad Umar were jailed for a total of 37 years over how they decided to make a little bit of money mugging gay men on the side.

The bigots created fake Grindr (A gay meet up app) profiles before meeting their dates in Bordesley Green Birmingham.  There they attacked and robbed their victims, tied them up and assaulted them as they yelled homophobic comments. The first attack took place on January 5 2019 with three further reports being made to authorities on March 18, 24 and 29. After a major police hunt was launched, forensic scientists were finally able to trace Umar when he spat on one of his dates, leaving DNA evidence on his clothing.

One victim was spat at and urinated on during a traumatic two hour ordeal. The gang pulled down his trousers and took a video of his genitals while making derogatory comments .  One victim was told he deserved to be beaten and robbed because he was a "white man responsible for attacks on Muslims in New Zealand."

Well these 3 dainty really pretty homophobes best get used to spending a lot of time in the prison showers being admired for owning a cute arse.