Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Syria: Afghan Shia militia "Final target is the Golan"

(Golan Heights) Iran has for the past few years being spending a lot of time and effort building up its forces around Israel, which is why Israel has been taking out said military assets on a regular basis such as the military strikes carried out last Sunday.

As a general rule Iran doesn't mention to the world exactly what forces it has inside Syria hanging around, but thanks to social media, a little known Afghan Shia Militia has revealed itself to be one of those groups Iran has been building up inside Syria.

On Tuesday Liwa Fatemiyoun ( aka Hezballah Afghanistan) tweeted a short video near the Golan heights where they proclaimed :
"Final target is that white mountain ahead which is the Golan Heights & being held by #Israel."
Liwa Fatemiyoun is a militia led by IRGC commanders and supplied by the Iranian military, its troops are recruited from the Shia Afghans found in Iran and in Syria. In return for their service they are promised Iranian citizenship and salaries of $500–$800 per month in return for fighting (usually a 3-month-long deployment to Syria.. The thing is they are primarily used as cannon fodder and are sent ahead of actual Iranian forces, on the premise that nobody in Iran will miss their demise and thus no protests about the death toll. Also if they used in an attack on Israel, the Iranians can claim that the troops had nothing to do with them and thus keep the liberals in western governments on its side. Unfortunately for Iran, when you pay peanuts, you get what you pay for, and usually these are folks who don't stick to orders about keeping stum.