Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Iran: Nov unrest saw around 1500 killed.

(Tehran)  Reuters is reporting with good authority from sources close to the supreme leader’s inner circle that the recent unrest's caused by the public's dissatisfaction with the Mullahs who rule over the country with a rod of Iron saw around 1500 people murdered after Khamenei the Iranian supreme leader’ angered by the burning of his image met with senior officials, critised security staff for their (to then) handling of the situation and stated:

 “The Islamic Republic is in danger. Do whatever it takes to end it. You have my order,” the supreme leader told the group"
The result of his diktat saw around 1,500 people killed during less than two weeks of unrest that started on Nov. 15. The toll, provided to Reuters by three Iranian interior ministry officials, included at least 17 teenagers and about 400 women as well as some members of the security forces and police. France 24 has knocked out a most informative breakdown of the protests, well worth watching: