Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bangladesh: Sharia law puts an end to a breast milk bank for orphans

(Dhaka)  A plan by a hospital in the capital to feed 500 orphans with donated breast milk has been shelved after a backlash by Muslim clerics, who as per usual took offence by claiming that  the scheme was a violation of Sharia law. Yup rather than save the lives of young infants these religious bigots claimed that  the plan could lead to breaches of Sharia law if two babies drank milk from the same mother and later married. Gazi Ataur Rahman, spokesman of the influential Islami AndolanBangladesh political party stated;
"Their entire marriage and lineage would become illegal,"
And to think that governments in the west actually listen to these bigots when they tip up and allow them to dictate policy and then they wonder why incidents of rape,female genital mutilation,
honour crimes, anti-antisemitism and of course terrorism go through the roof.